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AFX Fireblocker

Depending on your requirement(s) we offer multiples types or Fireblocker; now this entails the Nano and Carbon series.

They all offer the advantages of Aerosol technology over traditional Fire-extinguishing systems.

Experience learns most clients use our NANO version because it offers a significantly better product. Moreover, it’s developed in cooperation with Aerospace Propulsion Products – Ariane Group.

Advantages of any AF-X Fireblocker
  • it always protects at any potential source
  • It’s quickly activated
  • It’s easier and faster to install
  • Investment costs are lower
  • It’s easier to install or replace than traditional systems.
  • It doesn’t use place nor requires special conditions like water-pressure,
  • water-access or water-storage. It doesn’t use water at all.
  • If it has to erupt; it looks and feels better; it doesn’t use water nor affects oxygen levels
  • More environment friendly

Currently, Altitude Group is the sole distributor of AFX fireblocker in Nigeria. You can get more details by contacting us at


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