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Restaurant and commercial kitchen suppression solution

When you run a busy restaurant or commercial kitchen, your risk of fire is considerably higher than normal businesses. And as commercial kitchens continue to modernise and get more efficient, the fire risk grows. Modern improvements that increase fire risks in commercial kitchens include cooking appliances that heat up faster and cool down more slowly as well as increased use of vegetable-based cooking oils that get much hotter, much faster

In such a dangerous environment, having a working kitchen fire suppression system is crucial to your business’s operations and for the safety of your employees and customers!
Altitude Group offers installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems. We are a highly experienced and trusted fire protection company in Nigeria

At Altitude Group, we offer effective, top-of-the-line fire suppression solutions for restaurant and commercial kitchens. In the food service industry, the potential of fire is multiplied when dealing with:
o Equipment that produces high-efficiency heat sources
o Flammable oils and greases
o Power and gas lines
o The busyness that is common in commercial kitchens
In the past, kitchen fires were one of the greatest causes of restaurant loss, and they remain a serious threat today. With a properly installed and regularly inspected fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen, you will be able to safely and immediately respond to any fire emergency—protecting both life and property within your restaurant.
Kitchen fire suppression systems work by a process called saponification, which essentially turns burning grease and oil into soap, stopping the fire quickly and making it easy to clean up. Besides keeping your space clean, your commercial kitchen fire suppression system is your number one defense against potentially devastating fires. If you need a commercial kitchen fire suppression system installed in your restaurant, call Altitude Group.

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